Career Pathway Programs

Why apply for Career Pathway Program?

Career pathways programs offer occupation-specific training in high-growth industries such as health care, advanced manufacturing, or information technology. Such programs combine academic and technical education with supportive services; many also incorporate work experience and bridge programs. Career pathways are designed to allow individuals to participate in sequenced training courses of increasingly advanced skills and credentials with multiple entry and exit points, allowing participants to enter the labor force with marketable skills and credentials and return to education later, with credits allowing them to move towards a degree.

Many programs will:

  • offer industry-recognized certificates
  • provide paid training and apprenticeships
  • offer academic credits associated with an accredited college
  • ongoing career guidance and support post-program
  • additional support, such transportation, living stipends, & tools¬†

How to get started

  • Talk with your UtmostU coach about your hopes, goals, and concerns.
  • Complete Pathway U – our online career naviator (¬†
  • Read through the program description below. There are more details on the career pathway on the “Apply” link.
  • Watch for follow-up communication. Every day.
  • Talk with your UtmostU coach about the process or questions.

Preferred Pathway Program

UtmostU has reviewed the quality of each of the following programs, and can strongly them for UtmostU fellows.
Reach out to Valerie Charles, Manager of Career Services, for specific guidance



Bitwise Apprentices

Description: Here's the Chicago Interest Form for anyone interested in joining Bitwise classes/apprenticeships to begin their career in tech. Classes are now just 4 weeks long, 3 nights per week! We've also increased the starting rate for apprentices from $18 to $20 per hour! As a reminder, Bitwise apprentices are offered: Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision, and Wellness 401k w/ up to a 4% employer match

Length: 4 Weeks

Financials: $18 - $20/hour

Year Up Job Training

Description: Receive job training in the following career fields: Banking & Customer Service, Business Operations, Financial Operations, Information Technology, and Software Development. You will also receive job training, earn college credits and internship opportunities that can land you a full-time job. For more information, contact Valerie Charles at

Length: 6 months - 1 year

Financials: Learning & Development phase $50/week - Internship phase pd $525/week (paid bi-weekly)

Accelerate U at NLU Certification Programs

Description: Accelerated training in the following areas of study; Medical Assistant Certification, Registered Technician Certification, and Certification in Business Technology.

Length: 3-6 months

Financials: Program Stipend