Career Pathway Collaborative

The UtmostU Pathway Collaborative

While college students have access to systems of support that may include housing, meals, health-care, and financial assistance, young adults pursuing career pathways rarely have access to similar resources.  The Pathways Collaborative was designed to address this disparity of resources.   Leveraging the strengths of UtmostU, the Collaborative seeks to address core financial and personal barriers for young adults pursuing career pathways. 

Fellows in this program have access to grants and loans to cover the short-term living costs to complete a career program.  The programs run from six to eighteen months on average.  Each Fellow is eligible for up to $4,000 of living assistance, comprised up to a $1,500 grant provided by UtmostU and up to a $2,500 loan through Seaway Bank (Self-Help FCU). UtmostU, along with the Fellow’s coach, provides the ongoing case management to ensure program completion. 

Current Programs Supported

  • City College of Chicago: 
  • Year Up – Chicago: 
  • Skills for Chicagoland’s Future: 
  • Chicago Urban League: 
  • Hire360: 

Student Benefits:

  • Fully funded short-term professional training and career advising through training partner
  • A dedicated UtmostU coach and system supports for the length of the program
  • A grant of up $1,500 and a loan of up to $2,500
  • A free mobile data line and access to the UtmostU support systems
  • Financial advising and pre-program training


  • Currently active in UtmostU
  • Intentions to enroll in a career pathway partner identified by UtmostU that requires a minimum of 6 months of training/pre-professional work
  • Complete the Pathway Collaborative application, interview, Seaway Bank loan application, and financial accountability counseling.
  • Commit to a repayment schedule for the offered loan