The UtmostU supported Peer Mentoring program is designed to connect thriving upper-class Fellows with transitioning first-year Fellows, to promote a fruitful college experience for new college students. Using a 1:1 approach, upper-class Fellows are paired with a mentee with whom they meet regularly to discuss the academic, financial, career, and social emotional aspects of their higher education experience.

The goal is to check-in on the personal and academic well-being and progress of the mentee. The meetings allow for frank conversation about the joys and challenges of the new college environment. After each meeting, the mentor provides a brief update on the mentor’s status to UtmostU through an online form which can assist Coaches in supporting the fellow. In addition to the monthly check-ins, UtmostU asks the mentors to conduct at least one social outing each semester. 


If you are a current UtmostU fellow, and you are interested in mentoring a first-year fellow, please contact Ms. Jasmine at to learn more about how to sign up for our mentoring program.


Mentee Profile: Shantae Williams

“My name is Shantae Williams and I am interested in technology. I always had a love for tech whether it be figuring out how to fix something on the TV or computer to actually finding out how it works. I also have hobbies such as meditating, reading and learning a language on my own which is Arabic.

One thing I am looking forward to when I’m off to college is the independence. Being the oldest child, I always stayed on top of my responsibilities and had a higher sense of maturity among my peers. I want to finally be able to make my own decisions, go by a schedule that I had part in making and learn what lessons life has in store for me to make me a stronger and smarter person.

Earning a Cybersecurity degree is something I aim for since I would like to use my skills to possibly work with the FBI on the cyber-defense team. I want to be involved in a line of work where I can protect my family and my country without having to go to war and also fulfill my love for technology.”