UtmostU was designed to engage, motivate, and support young adults to realize their dreams no matter the destination.

The UtmostU Network

UtmostU, a program of the Network for Young Adult Success, is a Chicago-based alliance of high schools, community-based organizations, universities, community colleges and workforce development organizations committed to post-secondary success. Our mission is to empower young adults to realize their professional aspirations by supporting their successful degree attainment and career preparation.

Using a highly innovative model, UtmostU leverages holistic supports, strategic partnerships, and a unique technology platform.  UtmostU is reaching multiple communities as the network scales to impact hundreds more young adults each year.  Our vision is to equip all young adults to reach their greatest degree in life.

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Getting through the first two years of college was confusing and stressful. I had to adjust to being at a predominantly white institution, adapt to the workload, and develop the self-discipline needed to be successful. But working with my UtmostU alumni coach I finished the semester with all B’s! I did have time off to have my daughter, but we went back and I finished with the support of UtmostU.

Jasa Hinton

Beloit College, BA - Creative Writing

The first two years of college were difficult for me as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in and felt homesick in an unfamiliar place. I took different classes trying to figure out where I fit. I spoke to my UtmostU alumni coach about how lost I felt in class, and she was able to help me narrow down where my interests were and tailor my classes and internships to meet my goals. Eventually, I declared my major and the type of career I wanted. In the end, I graduated with straight As!

Taylor Arnold

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BA- Sociology and a concentration in Psychology

UtmostU has taught me what to expect in college. College isn’t going to be like high school: there’s going to be all new people and new experiences, and they’ve given me the exposure to succeed.

Oluwaseyi Olaleye

Stanford University - Mechanical Engineering

There were moments when I was at BC where it got really tough for me, so one of my advisors from UtmostU came down to visit me. She motivated me and gave me the confidence I didn’t see in myself. Sometimes that’s what students need—not just all the academics but they need people to care.

Arnesia Banks

Boston College - Political Science